The association

The Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging is established on the 5th of November 1959. The association has more than 500 members who follow a bachelor in (applied) mathematics, (applied) physics, computer science or astronomy at the University of Groningen.


The association pursues a triad of objectives. The first objective of the association is that she wants to contribute to the broadening of the scientific knowledge of its members. This happens, among other things, by organizing several activities in scientific area, such as excursions, lectures and symposia.

The second objective is the promotion of contacts between students mutually and between students and scientific staff. This is done by organizing informal activities, such as drinks, festivals and film evenings and initiating activities where students and staff cooperate. At foreign travels in- and outside Europe it is always tried to take along scientific staff members and this is experienced by both teachers and students as a positive addition.

The last objective is looking after the interests of the members; as far as they are related to their study or future work surroundings. Activities such as company visits and company promotion days for students (the Betabedrijvendagen) belong in this list. The FMF also takes part in the national bodies for students : SPIN (Students of Physics in the Netherlands) and the WISO (Mathematics and computer science students body) to look after common interests. Within Groningen the contact with other associations is maintained by means of the FVOG (Faculteitsverenigingen Overleg Groningen).


The association organises a large number of activities. These are divided in four groups: 'formal' activities, informal activities, study-supporting activities and remaining activities.

The formal activities comprise of for example company visits at potential employers, scientific excursions, readings and study travels in and outside Europe. There are two types of study travels, short foreign excursions (KBE) and long foreign excursions (GBE). The short foreign excursions take place within Europe and the long foreign excursions are outside Europe.

The informal activities comprise of the monthly drinks, availability of coffee and tosti's in the NK of the FMF (in the NCC-complex, chamber 11.70a), network game evenings, parties (possibly with other study associations), film evenings, sport tournaments, chess tournaments, et cetera. The aim of these activities is to get to know other students and have a lot of fun with each other. This is an ideal way to get to know new people in a strange city.

The study-supporting activities comprise of selling books with discount to our members. The Toetscie manages an archive of exams on the website of the FMF. These exams are accessible for all students.

Publishing and distribution of a free almanac to all members is part of the remaining activities. The FMF also publishes a magazine, Periodiek. All members receive this magazine five times a year, to keep up with the ins and outs of the association. Furthermore it is possible to get an account on the Linux server of the FMF, including MySql and emailaccount.