Wiskunde Overleg Commissie (WOC)

What is the OC?

The OC is the Programme Committee (opleidingscommissie). The OC is part of the Bèta Student Federation (Bètastuf). This is the coordinating organisation for all student-representatives of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMNS). On page 17 of the Study Guide (which you can find here) you can read a bit more on this.

One task of the OC is to evaluate courses. At each examination, each student gets an evaluation form on which he/she can give his/her opinion about the course. Questions on this form are for example about: the background that you needed, the book you used, the level of explanation, the linguistic skills of the teacher and the clarity about the way in which your final grade was calculated.


The evaluation of the courses are discussed in an OC-meeting where teachers and students are present. Beside this, there are smaller meetings where the teachers are not involved. At these so called WOC’s all students of (applied) mathematics are invited to give their opinion about the courses they follow and have followed. In this way the OC knows exactly what is going on, so if there are problems those can be solved. If you want to report something to the OC while there is no WOC soon, you can always e-mail us: feedback.WiskundeOC@gmail.com.

We also like to hear positive feedback, for example when you think that a certain teacher teaches (really) good. We can use this for the annual Teacher of the Year-election.

See you at the WOC!

Kind regards,

Sanne Jonker (chairman), Serte Donderwinkel, Maike Jaspers, Corina van der Lei, Mirjam de Vos

p.s. We are still looking for someone who is in her/his first year to join our committee. Are you interested? Please send an e-mail to ocwiskunde@betastuf.nl.