You want to visit the FMF, but how?

You just got it: let's visit the FMF. This page helps you get there.

Step 1

If you are in Groningen already procede with step 2, if not go to Gronignen by train. The main station has been circled red on the next map. Don't worry about the other station, you will never need it.

Step 2

Nou that you have arrived in Groningen you will want to go North, were the students are. Take a bus of line 11 or 15 in the direction Zernike. After about 15 minutes you will pass under a viaduct of the highway. After this you must take the second stop. Attention: you will probably not stop at the first stop, since few students go there. On your right hand you should now see the beautiful NCC, the departement of phyics and chemistry.