Sponsorship options: Foreign Excursions

According to a long tradition, the FMF organizes short and long foreign study tours. Main objectives of these trips are science, business and culture. For each study tour, there are several sponsorship options, such as offering case studies, advertising in reports, or in-house meetings at a foreign establishment of your company.

Case study
In order to acquire ample financial resources for a long foreign study tour, the participants have to do a so-called case study. A case study is a project at a company or institute done by two senior students in about three weeks. This may concern a research or internship assignment within the field of study of the students. Other examples are doing statistical analyses or a programming job.

The senior students are selected on their interests and qualifications, in order to finish the project with excellent results. The students are being supervised by a member of the scientific staff in order to guarantee the quality. The students may acquire credit points for the assignment, depending on the level of the project.

It has been shown that offering a case study can be an excellent chance for companies to do projects at relatively low costs, which otherwise couldn't be done due to time or budget constraints. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity for senior students to get acquainted with your company. By means of a report of the case study on our website and in the final report, other students will learn about the business of your company. Your company will be offered a free advertisement in the final report and to put a company logo on the website. This way, a study tour is an excellent option for your company to connect to positively.

Examples of case studies done in the past can be found at http://gbe.fmf.nl

GBE final report
The final report of the three-week study tour to the United States and Mexico.