Company visits and lectures

Besides the options for advertisements and company logos, the FMF has two other ways for a more active collaboration: company visits and lectures.

Company visits

The committee 'Huygens' organizes company visits several times a year. During such an event, about 15 students will visit your company. Usually, companies have put together a program by themselves, which could consist of an introductory lecture about the company, a company tour, and a workshop or case study. Not only will students learn about your company, they can also taste the work climate and above all, the students can interact with your employees. The planning and setting up of the schedule is done in cooperation with the committee 'Huygens'.

Excursion to Textor
Excursion to Force Vision.


Besides company visits, we also offer the opportunity to your company to give a lecture at our faculty. These lectures are usually visited by some 30 students, and last about an hour. Of course, facilities such as an overhead projector or laptop and beamer are present. These lectures are followed by a lunch or informal reception, depending on the moment, during which students can interact in a more informal way. It has been shown that aving such a lunch or reception attracts more students to the lecture.